I am an Exercise Physiologist (Sport Scientist) and Coach.Image1 I have a BSc. as well as an MSc. (Research) in Physical activity and Sport Sciences from Montpellier University, France and an MPhil (Thesis: Joint-dependence of strength and power in children and adults) from Brunel University, U.K. (Degrees here). I worked for 10 years as an accredited Exercise Physiologist in England and Ireland (University College Dublin). My work involved the following activities:

  1. Training advice and the management and development of testing services. I conducted tests to measure the main determinants of human performance (VO2max, Lactate thresholds, Body composition, Strength, Power, etc.).
  2. Research (Publications - ResearchGate).
  3. Teaching to BSc. and MSc. students in Sport and Health Sciences.

I worked and advised a broad range of athletes from beginners to elite participating in World Championships and Olympic games as well as non exercisers willing to become active to improve their fitness and health (weight loss, muscle mass gain, etc.). Although I am specialised in endurance sports such as running, cycling and triathlon, I also work with team sport athletes.  

My sports :

  • Running from 5km to marathon (PB on Marathon : 2h37).
  • Cycling.
  • Triathlon (I no longer take part, my PB on an Olympic Distance course is 2h00).
  • Other leisure activities include trekking, swimming and snowshoeing.